Las Vegas

Thursday, November 10, 2005 by eric yang

I'm heading to Las Vegas tomorrow for a three day birthday bash. I couldn't be more elated. You know you're struck with the Asian gambling genes when the sounds of office swag remind you of chip flipping, card shuffling, and dice rolling...

Three things I'm counting on:
1. Making one benjamin last the entire ~72 hours. Doubtful Eric... doubtful.
2. Playing Craps until my knees give. When my knees give I'll play Texas Hold'em. When my hands give I'll have someone shovel food from the buffet into my mouth... oh and play Keno while I'm eating. Hot damn this man's got a plan.
3. Avoiding all female solicitors. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. I don't need to "bring" anything home... ack.

195kph And I Don't Know Why

Wednesday, November 09, 2005 by eric yang

So, I had this brief IM conversation with my friend this morning who shared with me the fact that he would be driving on the autobahn today. He wasted no precious time with frivolous details such as "destination" or "reason" and went straight to talking about details. Details, he knew, that I would care about. Details like the fact that he was upgraded to a Mercedes CLK (pictured above on right) by the rental company free of charge. Kudos to his good fortune...

Upon his return I responded in a similar fashion and by not wasting any of his time with foolish and trivial questions such as "did you arrive safely" or 'did you take care of whatever it is you need to do?" but in turn asked a machismo validating inquiry manifested by the following five words... HOW FAST DID YOU GO? (we're men folks). His reply...

"I had cruise control set at 195kph for about 10 minutes."

DAS IST GUT!!!*. That's covering a shite load of Deutschland... and I'm talking post-haste. It's a good thing you didn't find this part of the autobahn at that speed Mr. Overby...

Oh, and I still have nary a clue where he went or why. Fantastic.

* - rough translation in english: "that is good"

Random Portraits

Monday, November 07, 2005 by eric yang

I was digging thru some of my photos and came across a few that I couldn't help but crack a smile when I saw them...

Humor | Mr. Aziz Ahmad

Stoic | Mr. Tim Ferraris

Sarcasm | Mr. David Lam

Righteous | Mr. Bradley Hasemeyer

... man, I'm such a sappy bastard. Somebody get me a director's chair, I'm going to produce a chick-flick.

Time Left, What?

by eric yang

I have mere weeks left before I have to get my ass up to NYC. Nervous? I ain't afraid of no ghosts. Even better is the fact that I'm exercising all kinds of responsibilty by flying off for a weekend in Vegas for some general gambling, adult convo and otherwise fun-induced sleep deprivation. I can't wait.


Sunday, November 06, 2005 by eric yang

Autumn in East Tennessee kicks ass. There's no better way to explain it. Here's a picture I took yesterday at Lakeshore Park (for all you non-residents pining for a little back-home imagery). The colors of leaves around here during the fall look like they come straight out of a Crayola Crayon Box. I think the color on the leaves of the tree below would have been best classified as "Burnt Umber".

p.s. Wide angle lenses... well they too kick ass.


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