Katie and Keith, One Beautiful Marriage

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As mentioned in the previous post, Katie and Keith were married on November 17th. It was and will be one of the most memorable weddings I have ever had the honor of performing at, and I say that with considerable background, this being my 26th wedding if my count is correct.

That said, I'll spare you my words and let the photos speak for themselves. There's no way I could take all the photos I wanted but hopefully these few will give you a small glimpse into a wedding that will be remembered as one with an outpouring of love and laughter.

Oh, and if anyone ever complains about not having enough time to plan a wedding make sure they're shared with the story of Katie and Keith who were engaged and married in a bona fide wedding in no less than 6 days. 6 days folks...

Link to Entire Photoset

Link to Slideshow

p.s. I'll be catching up on posts this week, sorry for the lack of them last week. Let's just say it's been a tumultuous month, at best.

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“Katie and Keith, One Beautiful Marriage”

  1. Lauren Says:

    you captured the day well :) well done Mr. Yang

  2. Aziz Says:

    absolutely beautiful -wish i could've seen it. well done, indeed, old buddy -glad you made it in time.

  3. Aziz Says:

    absolutely beautiful -wish i coulda' seen it. well done, indeed, ole buddy -glad you made it down there.

  4. eric yang Says:

    Thanks guys, much appreciated. I only hope that the photos capture even a tenth of the impact of Katie's wedding.

  5. Gretchen Says:

    So pretty, Yang. I know Katie and Keith are so grateful to have those digital memories, as are those of us who couldn't quite make it to Atl. in time. Sorry I missed you and the beautiful ceremony. Now I need to try and count how many of those 26 weddings I've attended!

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