Heat = Hell

Wednesday, June 28, 2006 by eric yang

Some of you may know that my air conditioner went out a couple of days ago and it has actually been somewhat tolerable. Wait, no it hasn't. Instead I have a gaping hole in my apartment that manages to let in 100% of the heat from 50th street (which I face) and release any and all semblings of 'cool' air from my massively-gargantuously-small apartment. It's a joy I love coming home to each and every day. Maybe spending the night in my car isn't such a bad idea. It will only cost me $90 in gas to keep it in idle for the 8 hours of sleep I'll need... hmm...

HGTV & Food Network in HD Glory

by eric yang

HGTV just launched in high definition and Food Network goes all super high-resolution in two days flat. I'm not plugging this because I used to work for the company that brings you such joys as Alton Brown's Good Eats and the ever-so addicting House Hunters but because I, Eric E. Yang love high definition programming in all it's fine eye-popping glory.

National Coffee Break Day

Tuesday, June 27, 2006 by eric yang

At work I was told that today is National Coffee Break Day.

Forget Birthdays, Christmas, Independence Day - NCB Day is my kind of holiday (non gov't recognized, of course).

Hot cup of porcelain encased black steaming java... here I come.

A DVD and Me

Sunday, June 25, 2006 by eric yang

Originally uploaded by midweekpost.
Hmm... I guess the photo wasn't enough, what with my overzealousness and all. Look carefully, you might see a name on there you recognize on the second line of the credits.

No, Not Joseph Steven Yang... I was thinking more of the Eric E. Yang.

You might remember a while back I made a little jaunt to Los Angeles and ended playing a small 'extra' roll in a short film. Well, I guess the DVD (at least) came to fruition. I'll get the actual video itself up online one of these days...

Hi Photo. How ya' doing?

by eric yang

Originally uploaded by midweekpost.
Not too long ago I got a little e-mail from this company that publishes books for Adobe sent me an e-mail about one of my pictures and well long story short here's my photo in this book.

Good times. Now about those royalties... jk.

Link to the Original


by eric yang

With the summer here, I've taken up going to Greenacre Park to do a little morning r&r&r (rest, relaxation and reading). This is the scene from this past Saturday.

And while I'm here, I thought I'd share the fact that this weekend has been a pretty darn good one regardless of the rain.


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