I Wish I Still Got An Allowance

Because if I still got my $5 every Friday, I would start saving those five dollars every week for 14,500* weeks and the day I turned ripe young age of 305, I'd run, nay... Rascal, my way right out to the nearest dealership and buy myself one of these puppies: The Porsche Cayman (with newly released Aero Kit, for those of you who care to know these kinds of things)

Oh, and before you go and say... whew, that's a nice looking Porsche. Make sure and correct yourself by saying "por-sha" (two syllables and rhyming with Tasha).

* about $70k optioned the way I'd want it.

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“I Wish I Still Got An Allowance”

  1. Aziz Says:

    I'm pretty

  2. Aziz Says:

    um...that is, I'M PRETTY sure I have that in my Hot Wheels collection somewhere...and yes, I'm pretty.

  3. Bradley Hasemeyer Says:

    That is most attractive Por-cha on the market right now. I like it better than all the others (save maybe the GT).

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