2007 New York International Auto Show

I got the opportunity to get press-day passes to the New York International Auto Show this year and it was definitely awesome. Not only did I not have to fight any crowds, but the cars were pristine, the press-releases were ongoing, and the models (ahem) were out demonstrating (ahem) the vehicles finer points.

There were some incredible vehicles there and a lot of newly released cars I can't even begin to explain. Just click-thru the link below to the entire slideshow (warning: there's 328 photos) and see if there's anything that tickles your fancy.

Link to Slideshow

Update: The photos I've taken have been used in a nationally published slideshow. You can see the consolidated set by clicking here on WCBSTV.com.

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“2007 New York International Auto Show”

  1. azizahmad Says:

    Dude...THAT...ROCKS! Good job.

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