Greenland & Missing Pages

Friday, February 02, 2007 by Aziz

Hey everybody. I have a shout-out...or two, rather. I know it's early, being one my first posts, but bear with me here. I think you'll enjoy both of these bands. They are both unique, and you can catch them in different parts of the country if you're interested. As a well-documented wannabe (that's me), I'm confident that these guys are going to make it on their own terms (based off hard work and burgeoning popularity), respectively, which combined with their talent is reason enough to listen. This is me shouting, listen up:

Greenland recently won the 2006 YouTube Underground Contest for "Best Song" -it's a big deal, check it out (not to mention it was a top 10 video). They were on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer and everything (she's Kentuckian, trust her). Since their lead singer Evan is a friend and former classmate of Eric and yours truly, it's fair to say that Midweekpost will be keeping a close eye on them. If you're ever in Nashville or hear that they're in a city near you, go check 'em out and let them know about it. They rock.

Missing Pages is out Pittsburgh, PA. I'm pitching these guys because they are on the brink of a record deal (literally, they're good), are looking to hire (which is hard to believe), and the drummer is my close friend's cousin (they're nice people). This is a timely post, because they're in a contest of their own to win a global record deal with Epic Records (among other cool stuff), and could use your vote (check it out). The last time I checked they were in the top 40, but despite being in the running I don't think it will be long before they get a deal off merits alone. That said, oddly enough (and I don't know what the full story here is), they need a bassist and keyboardist, so if you've got the skills get a hold of them! They regularly play in Pittsburgh, and have already played gigs with Bret Michaels of Poison and Def Leppard (hold the 9 arms jokes). I often like to use the old, often-forgotten PBS ad, "Books. Check 'em out!" for nothing more than its raw, yet purely genious, and inspiring phraseology. Well (forgive me Missing Pages), do just that -they're worth it.

After you take a listen and get to know these guys, it's obvious that neither of these bands need my help. I'm just spreading the gospel because these bands are "doing it the right way" and deserve all the attention they're getting. Enjoy (you can thank me later when you start telling your buddies, "Yeah, I knew them back in the day...").

PS - Got some others we should know about? Leave a link or something in the comment box below.

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Super Bowl Party Plans?

by eric yang

So what are your plans for the Super Bowl? Chili soiree? Beer fest? La-Z-Boy Laziness? Shopping at Bergdorf Goodman's with the ladies? A dance with the devil in the pale moonlight?

Well, I for one - have none. How exciting is that? I believe the parents are coming in so I'd prefer not reeking of peanuts, chili and Heineken light when they arrive not that any of those three things are in my current diet. But, at least I can provide a decent recipe for you all besides one of aforementioned protein providers. Everyone loves Jalapeno poppers but what about poppers with goat cheese? Mmmm... delish.


(Makes 2 dozen) Courtesy: CBS News

12 jalapeno peppers (split lengthwise, seeds removed)
1 cup goat cheese
1/2 cup all purpose flour
3 eggs (beaten)
1 cup panko bread crumbs (or regular bread crumbs)
salt to taste
fresh ground pepper to taste
1/4 cup peanut oil (or vegetable oil)


1. Stuff the peppers with goat cheese, dust lightly with flour, lightly coat with egg and roll into bread crumbs. Season to taste with salt and pepper.

2. Meanwhile, place the peanut oil into a pan, over a medium heat. Carefully place the peppers into the oil and cook until lightly brown.


A through Z

Thursday, February 01, 2007 by Aziz

Ok, so I'm Aziz -aka A.Z., A through Z, alphabet boy, asneeze, acheese, afleas, achoo, among others (thanks for the kind words Mr. Yang). Nice to meet you. Whatever moniker you choose is fine by me. Be ye warned, however, that I'm known to give it to you "as is" (conveniently, another nickname), and I plan to. There are no guarantees, warranties, exchanges, refunds or quality-assurances attached -it is what it is.

I have consistently been geometrically shaped (round head, square body and most recently, vice versa), and many of my friends can attest to my inexplicable ability to be highly productive, yet exhibit moments of intense laziness (hence, Lazy A.Z.). I hope we get a chance to know each other.

I have known the Midweekpost "don" since 7th grade, sharing nothing in common except hillbilly roots, the inability to comprehend Latin, mothers with the same taste in cars, and Eastern family-philosophies right off the bat (I know, right?). Of course years of video games, musical endeavors, periods of general clumsiness, periods of futility, periods of general social-anxiety/prosperity, nebulous periods, and fruitful indecision followed as we over-analyzed every stage of life as we knew it then...and know it now.

And thus...here we are. Talk to you soon.

Have a good one,

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What's happenin?

by Bradley Hasemeyer

Oh. Hello there. My name is Bradley Hasemeyer...I go by "Bradley" because I just don't feel like a "Brad." So this is my chance to throw out a little bit about who I am. Though for many of you who frequent this blog have never met me I look forward to getting to know you via posts and comments. Hopefully I'll be able to bring some different, interesting, thought provoking or down right crazy writings from my fingertips and camera lens straight to your optic nerve.

Quick Bio:
I grew up in Knoxville, TN, where I attended high school and then the University of Tennessee. It was here I made many friends I hold very dear to this day. Eric was/is one of them. After studying Journalism and Public Relations I moved to Charlotte, NC. After three years I finally decided to go all-in and chase a dream to be in the entertainment industry. I moved to Los Angeles, CA, in August and have been living/working/having fun/going to class/meeting great people/loving it.

I have about a billion things I'm interested in and that will most likely come through in my posts.

Thanks for checking in and I'll see you on here later.


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Hot Damn, We're Changing Up Expanding Midweekpost. Astonished? Yeah, I Didn't Think So...

by eric yang

The word "Time" is defined as: an instance or single occasion for some event. My interpretation of that word is: a perpetual inability to be involved in instances or singles occasions for some events due to lack thereof.

Yeah, that made no sense. [where's my adderall...]

The problem: I love the midweekpost but don't have the time to keep it updates as much as it should be.

The solution: I have eloquent friends that are handsome, hilarious and heartfelt (sorry, needed an "H" word).

That said, you will be seeing my friends Mr. Aziz Ahmad, Esquire and Mr. Bradley Hasemeyer, Actor joining the ranks of Midweekpost posters. I have nary a clue as to what they'll be posting about but I'm sure they'll be entertaining your pants off. Wait, that came out wrong... You'll be wearing your pants but you'll be entertained. Wait, this is getting worse... You'll wear your pants. You'll be entertained. They will post. OK, I'll stop now.

This is merely my weak attempt at a brief introduction of these fine gents. I'll leave it to their own decree to provide you with a far superior introduction.

Happy reading.



by eric yang

I love gadgets. Unfortunately, gadgets don't love me. They cower and break in my presence and tend to not last much longer than their original manufacturer's warranty. Hence, my tendency to purchase extended warranties despite knowing that they're all a big sham. But you know why I buy them? Because I'm the guy that has to use them.

Well, all in all I'm a happy camper. My new Treo 680 (in the copper color which looks nothing like the second phone from the left does in this photo) is a peach. It uses the Cingular EDGE network for pretty snappy internet browsing, it's light, has an MP3 player, a gorgeous screen and ton of other features I won't mention here. I'm excited about being able to update midweekpost from the road and I'm even more stoked I'll have have something to do while I'm waiting for the damn E Train to clamor into the subway station.

Oh... and I bet you were thinking... "I thought Eric would surely get the iPhone". The best part of all this is that I got an unlocked phone (hence the ability to get a color) so no contracts for this beast. Upgrades at my very whim.

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Wow. Where Have I Been?

by eric yang

One thing is for sure... I've been absent. I'm not going to chock it up to simple "busy-ness" this time though.

First things first - the creative juices in the ol' noggin are at an all time low. I tend to walk away from work (which requires my a-game creative juice) a bumbling idiot with hardly a coherent sentence at arm. It's a sad sight I assure you. I look like a relatively dapper, mentally incapacitated, broken man on my walk home. Destination: Couch. Unfortunately, until this week the Couch hasn't had much use as the nights have ranged from gun ranges (say wha?), to photoshoots, to a fashion show, to making the most of Restaurant Week here in NYC.

Some of you know that I've taken up this concept of "working out" in the morning. Some All of you know that I have never been one for the morning preferring my days to start sometime between post-breakfast and post-mid morning coffee with a comfortable lean towards lunch time. The rude awakening that is morning jog has really thrown my body's internal clock for a loop. To be honest I don't even feel like I've awoken up until I'm hitting the shower after my work out. A dry heave or two during circuit training sometimes does the trick too.

Regardless, none of this is an excuse. I know I'm sorely absent from my photo and writing duties so I humbly ask for your patience.

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