I Text, Therefore I Starbuxt (Starbucks...er...)

Thursday, March 01, 2007 by eric yang

If any of you are growing weary of my fabulously miserable post titles then let me know. Otherwise I'll continue bombarding you with the best in the worst diatribes my bulbous brain can conjure up.

Despite it's overwhelming franchised-ness and blase' execution I still frequent Starbucks once every week. Sometimes it's just easier to get my cafe' au lait from the bux rather than make it on my own. Or pay some french bistro $15 for a non-to-go version.

I'm also a mighty big proponent of text messaging (sorry Jon), so when I heard that I can simply text my zip code to MYSBUX and be told exactly where the nearest three Starbucks are to me and how to get there, well... I was pretty jazzed. Oh, and it's also got a nifty little map if your phone can handle it.

... sometimes it's just the little things.

If that's not exciting enough for you, then perhaps these interesting facts from Gizmodo will inspire a little more hatred for the uber-franchise.

Number of web searches for nearest Starbucks in 1/07 = 3 million
Number of locations in the US = 9,400
Number of new Starbucks stores opened every day = 4

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I Wish I Still Got An Allowance

Wednesday, February 28, 2007 by eric yang

Because if I still got my $5 every Friday, I would start saving those five dollars every week for 14,500* weeks and the day I turned ripe young age of 305, I'd run, nay... Rascal, my way right out to the nearest dealership and buy myself one of these puppies: The Porsche Cayman (with newly released Aero Kit, for those of you who care to know these kinds of things)

Oh, and before you go and say... whew, that's a nice looking Porsche. Make sure and correct yourself by saying "por-sha" (two syllables and rhyming with Tasha).

* about $70k optioned the way I'd want it.

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Al Gore's Utility Bill: $1400. Eric's Utility Bill: $25-$300

by eric yang

No doubt some of you have heard of the Drudge Report story going around that claims Al Gore's mansion in Nashville, TN racks up a $1400 electric bill per month. There, of course, has been a good response back from the former Veep explaining their usage of Green Power, but either way I thought it a good time to do a little comparison. I can't help but feel bad for the Powerpoint Presenter Debonaire. I love the Drudge report but know it's unabashedly bias, yet I must. have. it. daily.

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Who's compusa? (CompUSA folks... CompUSA)

by eric yang

Here's something that's sure to spark some (well, maybe only a few) people's memories...

Remember that day our friend, who I will anonymously refer to as Allyson, looked at her Caller ID and said, "Who's compusa?". Well, it so happen that it was yours truly calling from my work alma mater... the infamous CompUSA and that joke lived on for at least two more months forever ingraining the word "compusa" in my mind as I forged my way to work every day at the geek-haven sporting my red shirt, emblazoned gold name tag and proud sign on my shoulder that said "Hello I am Eric. Call me Dork."

Well, it's sad because as much as I enjoyed those days it appears CompUSA is going to be closing 128 stores across the nation. The smaller cities are supposed to remain. It makes me wonder what's being said at these board meetings when they're deliberating over the fate of 50+ faithful disgruntled employees in Knoxville selling DDR-667 Mhz RAM, 256mb PCI-Express Video Cards, and overpriced IEEE-1384 (omg, did I just write that) Parallel Cables to East Tennessee consumers.

Eh, They're probably just tossing darts. Sadness.

For those of you I used to work with that are reading this... kind of puts another nail in the coffin about the D. George regime...boo.

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One of Those Days

Tuesday, February 27, 2007 by eric yang

Originally uploaded by midweekpost.
In mother nature's infinite quest to play her royal flush on global warming by sending us landslides in San Francisco, noreaster winds, or just general random Snow in Los Angeles, I've come to realize it makes me appreciate the finer days. New York isn't reknown for kick-ass weather except in the Fall but there are days when I think it's gorgeous outside. I usually bust out the ol' Canon and pop off a few shots paparazzi style (not really) to try and capture the day and sometimes I end up with a half-way decent looking picture (I humbly suggest the one to the right).


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