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Friday, June 29, 2007 by eric yang

Recently I was in the AAFilm Lab's 72 hour film shootout with 9 other Asians from New York City. At 8pm on Friday night, we were given a topic. "Elizabeth Ong is missing" and were tasked with filming a short less than 5 minutes.

There were strings attached:
1. Elizabeth Ong must be connected to the actors
2. Elizabeth Ong must play an important role in the film
3. Elizabeth Ong must not visually appear in the film.


Well, 1 City, 54 hours, 5 locations, 8 precarious shots later, a film was born. Before you click play make sure you read the theme and rules again first: Elizabeth Ong is missing.

This shootout is a contest. There are 58 other teams in other cities. We'll see if it goes anywhere, fingers crossed. It was definitely a blast. Make sure you comment and rate it on YouTube.

Here's a link to the high resolution version of the film.

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Welcome Cana Grace Overby

Wednesday, June 06, 2007 by eric yang

Welcome Cana Grace Overby! Daughter to Kristina and Dusty as of 1:31 a.m., Tuesday, June 5th. At a healthy 9lbs, 2 ounces you would have been in a title' bout with me for the WHWBC's (world heavy weight baby championships).

Link to more photos.

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10 Reasons I Haven't Been Posting

Tuesday, May 08, 2007 by eric yang

Well, let's start from the top:

10. I've been swallowed up amidst the work of helping produce an industry commercial for work. That's been an exciting, hair-raising, yet fun experience I hope to do more of in the future. I can't really spell out the details since it's nothing for public release yet, but just know I enjoyed it.

9. Joined Facebook. Never thought I would or should, but here I am amidst a 'poking' war with Will Acker that will probably never cease.

8. To answer the question about dating... no I have not been dating but yes I've been going on dates.

7. Let the wedding season begin. For those of you who know Diana Bundy, I'll be at her wedding this weekend so looking forward to seeing some of you all there.

6. Three words: Entourage and Lost* *which is finally getting better.

5. Enjoying after work Happy Hours, even if they're not with people from my actual office. FYI, Eric + Champagne = headache.

4. My allergies are raging all out warfare against my sinuses. As of this morning, they're winning.

3. Friends of mine were in town a couple of weeks ago for a golf weekend and we got to play the Black course at Bethpage on Long Island. It's ranked one of the top courses in the US and, I believe, the #1 public course period. It was an incredible experience. I almost cried, but then I didn't because I was spending my time trying to fight out of one of their 118 bunkers. I shot a 108. Sound like a lot? Well... they've got some ridiculous course difficulty rating, like 148 out of 150. Thanks.

2. My car was attacked by burglars/vandals/assholes last weekend. It couldn't have happened at a more inopportune time, but it's New York so whatever. Long story short, I didn't get anything resolved with that, but I did end up with a primo spot in the garage I park in right up front and next to the security booth. Negotiation (and pity) at it's very best.

1. And finally, for those of you who don't already know... I've been working on a pet project that's growing into something much larger, and will hopefully continue to do so. It's another blog (yeah yeah). Read on:

Imagine a bunch of men's magazines got together and decided to aggregate all the interesting, latest gear and stories they published. Then these same magazines took on all the websites they read to get their news and mix that all together. Then they decided to mix it all up with great photos. Then they decided to put it all on a blog. What would that look like?

Well, I present to you: Gear Patrol. A site I've started with Brian Huang, a couple of writers, an intern and a tenacious desire to become the definitive men's lifestyle and leisure journal. Click on the logo to go take a read.

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Katie. I'll Miss You. We'll All Miss You.

Saturday, April 07, 2007 by eric yang

At 1:35am this morning, April 7th, 2006, my dear friend Katie left this earth for a much better place. Having lost only her battle to Leukemia, not her grasp of vitality and courage. I'm say with a calming confidence that she's casting her calming gaze on all of us with an effervescent smile. Her gleaming personality and an unfathomable caring soul shining through with no worldly encumbrances.

Katie's battle with cancer was only surpassed by her own ability to handle the entire battle with dignity, bravery and more grace than I could ever imagine one human having. And with that being said, my smile widens knowing how incredibly lucky I was to have known Katie and being honored to have as such a large part in my lifelong memories.

There hasn't been much mention of Katie's battle with Leukemia here since I first learned of her diagnosis as that's not what I think the last few months have been about. It has, to me, been about spending time with her newly wed and loving husband Keith Taylor - a stalwart hero to any man for sure - in Atlanta, GA. It has been about the two of them enjoying the onset of Spring in the comforts of their own home, together. And now, it is about Katie being with the good Guy upstairs. No pain, no suffering and beautiful memories.

Katie, I'll miss you. I'll miss you something mighty. Look down on all of us, and though you're the only person that will get what I'm about to say I know that you're laughing... and that makes me smile.

Katie, you will always be my editor.

Please visit Katie's CaringBridge journal for the family's entries and details on Katie's celebration of life.

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The Pink Shined Down on Manhattan - Happy Valentine's Day

Wednesday, February 14, 2007 by eric yang

Roses are red, violets are blue.
It's snowing in New York, what am I to do?

I wore the wrong shoes, I slipped and I slid,
I'm a frightful mess, it's landed me the blues.

My Valentine's wishes ,for one and for all.
Fret not being single, it really is quite a ball.

This poem is sucking. The worst at it's best.
I'll cease & assist but I'm honestly... much better versed.

Isn't it frustrating how the last word didn't rhyme? Tsk tsk, Eric. Naughty boy.

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Tennessee Indianapolis Colts 29, Chicago Bears 17

Sunday, February 04, 2007 by eric yang

Peyton's MVP. Peyton won a red Cadillac. Peyton has a Tennessee accent. Peyton (and the Colts) won the Super Bowl.

Eric won nothing in the office pool. Hoorah.

Oh and in case you missed the outstandingly boring commercials:
Super Bowl Commercials CBSSportsline.com
Super Bowl Slideshow WCBSTV.com

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Greenland & Missing Pages

Friday, February 02, 2007 by Aziz

Hey everybody. I have a shout-out...or two, rather. I know it's early, being one my first posts, but bear with me here. I think you'll enjoy both of these bands. They are both unique, and you can catch them in different parts of the country if you're interested. As a well-documented wannabe (that's me), I'm confident that these guys are going to make it on their own terms (based off hard work and burgeoning popularity), respectively, which combined with their talent is reason enough to listen. This is me shouting, listen up:

Greenland recently won the 2006 YouTube Underground Contest for "Best Song" -it's a big deal, check it out (not to mention it was a top 10 video). They were on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer and everything (she's Kentuckian, trust her). Since their lead singer Evan is a friend and former classmate of Eric and yours truly, it's fair to say that Midweekpost will be keeping a close eye on them. If you're ever in Nashville or hear that they're in a city near you, go check 'em out and let them know about it. They rock.

Missing Pages is out Pittsburgh, PA. I'm pitching these guys because they are on the brink of a record deal (literally, they're good), are looking to hire (which is hard to believe), and the drummer is my close friend's cousin (they're nice people). This is a timely post, because they're in a contest of their own to win a global record deal with Epic Records (among other cool stuff), and could use your vote (check it out). The last time I checked they were in the top 40, but despite being in the running I don't think it will be long before they get a deal off merits alone. That said, oddly enough (and I don't know what the full story here is), they need a bassist and keyboardist, so if you've got the skills get a hold of them! They regularly play in Pittsburgh, and have already played gigs with Bret Michaels of Poison and Def Leppard (hold the 9 arms jokes). I often like to use the old, often-forgotten PBS ad, "Books. Check 'em out!" for nothing more than its raw, yet purely genious, and inspiring phraseology. Well (forgive me Missing Pages), do just that -they're worth it.

After you take a listen and get to know these guys, it's obvious that neither of these bands need my help. I'm just spreading the gospel because these bands are "doing it the right way" and deserve all the attention they're getting. Enjoy (you can thank me later when you start telling your buddies, "Yeah, I knew them back in the day...").

PS - Got some others we should know about? Leave a link or something in the comment box below.

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A through Z

Thursday, February 01, 2007 by Aziz

Ok, so I'm Aziz -aka A.Z., A through Z, alphabet boy, asneeze, acheese, afleas, achoo, among others (thanks for the kind words Mr. Yang). Nice to meet you. Whatever moniker you choose is fine by me. Be ye warned, however, that I'm known to give it to you "as is" (conveniently, another nickname), and I plan to. There are no guarantees, warranties, exchanges, refunds or quality-assurances attached -it is what it is.

I have consistently been geometrically shaped (round head, square body and most recently, vice versa), and many of my friends can attest to my inexplicable ability to be highly productive, yet exhibit moments of intense laziness (hence, Lazy A.Z.). I hope we get a chance to know each other.

I have known the Midweekpost "don" since 7th grade, sharing nothing in common except hillbilly roots, the inability to comprehend Latin, mothers with the same taste in cars, and Eastern family-philosophies right off the bat (I know, right?). Of course years of video games, musical endeavors, periods of general clumsiness, periods of futility, periods of general social-anxiety/prosperity, nebulous periods, and fruitful indecision followed as we over-analyzed every stage of life as we knew it then...and know it now.

And thus...here we are. Talk to you soon.

Have a good one,

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What's happenin?

by Bradley Hasemeyer

Oh. Hello there. My name is Bradley Hasemeyer...I go by "Bradley" because I just don't feel like a "Brad." So this is my chance to throw out a little bit about who I am. Though for many of you who frequent this blog have never met me I look forward to getting to know you via posts and comments. Hopefully I'll be able to bring some different, interesting, thought provoking or down right crazy writings from my fingertips and camera lens straight to your optic nerve.

Quick Bio:
I grew up in Knoxville, TN, where I attended high school and then the University of Tennessee. It was here I made many friends I hold very dear to this day. Eric was/is one of them. After studying Journalism and Public Relations I moved to Charlotte, NC. After three years I finally decided to go all-in and chase a dream to be in the entertainment industry. I moved to Los Angeles, CA, in August and have been living/working/having fun/going to class/meeting great people/loving it.

I have about a billion things I'm interested in and that will most likely come through in my posts.

Thanks for checking in and I'll see you on here later.


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Hot Damn, We're Changing Up Expanding Midweekpost. Astonished? Yeah, I Didn't Think So...

by eric yang

The word "Time" is defined as: an instance or single occasion for some event. My interpretation of that word is: a perpetual inability to be involved in instances or singles occasions for some events due to lack thereof.

Yeah, that made no sense. [where's my adderall...]

The problem: I love the midweekpost but don't have the time to keep it updates as much as it should be.

The solution: I have eloquent friends that are handsome, hilarious and heartfelt (sorry, needed an "H" word).

That said, you will be seeing my friends Mr. Aziz Ahmad, Esquire and Mr. Bradley Hasemeyer, Actor joining the ranks of Midweekpost posters. I have nary a clue as to what they'll be posting about but I'm sure they'll be entertaining your pants off. Wait, that came out wrong... You'll be wearing your pants but you'll be entertained. Wait, this is getting worse... You'll wear your pants. You'll be entertained. They will post. OK, I'll stop now.

This is merely my weak attempt at a brief introduction of these fine gents. I'll leave it to their own decree to provide you with a far superior introduction.

Happy reading.


Wow. Where Have I Been?

by eric yang

One thing is for sure... I've been absent. I'm not going to chock it up to simple "busy-ness" this time though.

First things first - the creative juices in the ol' noggin are at an all time low. I tend to walk away from work (which requires my a-game creative juice) a bumbling idiot with hardly a coherent sentence at arm. It's a sad sight I assure you. I look like a relatively dapper, mentally incapacitated, broken man on my walk home. Destination: Couch. Unfortunately, until this week the Couch hasn't had much use as the nights have ranged from gun ranges (say wha?), to photoshoots, to a fashion show, to making the most of Restaurant Week here in NYC.

Some of you know that I've taken up this concept of "working out" in the morning. Some All of you know that I have never been one for the morning preferring my days to start sometime between post-breakfast and post-mid morning coffee with a comfortable lean towards lunch time. The rude awakening that is morning jog has really thrown my body's internal clock for a loop. To be honest I don't even feel like I've awoken up until I'm hitting the shower after my work out. A dry heave or two during circuit training sometimes does the trick too.

Regardless, none of this is an excuse. I know I'm sorely absent from my photo and writing duties so I humbly ask for your patience.

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Mister Eric, Where Have You Been?

Wednesday, January 10, 2007 by eric yang

Oncoming and Nonstop
Originally uploaded by midweekpost.
I must apologize for my absence of posts lately. It's been a busy couple of weeks. Always on the run... I'll be back soon.

As a token of my apology, here is a coupon to a Buy 1 Get 1 Free Sundae coupon at Baskin Robbins. Hey, this winter is definitely warm enough to warrant ice cream. What am I talking about? Ice cream is good no matter how cold it is.


Top 16 In 2006

Monday, January 01, 2007 by eric yang

Instead of my resolutions I thought I'd share my favorite things of 2006. Well, 16 of them at least.

16. Golf: My handicap was calculated and it was a sobering moment. A single solitary tear was shed, I'm sure of it. A finally realized that swinging the club with brute force was not going to get that white little ball any further and I think I may finally understand the mechanics of a chip shot.
15. The Gym: It's just happened over the past month but my recent venture back into the gym (six days a week, 1 hour each morning) has been a drastic lifestyle change. A good one... I think. I still hate doing mornings. I'm doing it in the name of physical fitness, but I'm hoping a couple of abs make their appearance on the way.
14. Street Vendor Food: Specifically, the guy on the corner of 53rd and Lexington that sells Halal food. Mixed lamb schwarma & chicken on basmati rice with white sauce and spicy chili sauce served with salad. All for $4. I'll take you thank you very much.
13. Las Vegas: Craps, texas hold 'em, gourmet buffets, champagne, drinks on the rocks. Gambling buddies. It's all too much to explain but it's far too great.
12. Xbox 360: It's the uber-toy.
11. Christian Bale: The guy is one of my favorite actors, not to mention the guy is Welsh. (because you know... Welsh and Korean... are real tight... ummm) Matt Damon is a close second.
10. DVR (TiVo): It took me a while to join the bandwagon, but better late than never. Recording shows on HDTV and watching them later, commercial free is pure bliss.
9. Keane - 'Under the Iron Sea': One of my favorite albums of the year, especially when it rains. Top song is 'Ode To Lonely' by Red Guitar, but I really am obsessed with new bands so choosing just one is a tough cookie.
8. YouTube: Need there be more said?
7. The Bagel: Toasted wheat bagels with cream cheese are a godsend.
6. Bargainist.com: Because just like you, I love a deal. On an entirely different note, Pandora.com has brought me musical joy for many-a-hours.
5. My local tailor: Because he hemmed it, trimmed it, fit it and it all looked fantastic.
4. Women's fashion since 2005: the mini, the skinny, the tunic, the belt, there was little I didn't like... well besides the ballet shoe - still not sold on that one.
3. MySpace: I hate it. I hate it. I like it. I love it. I hate it.
2. E-mail: I hate it. I hate it. I like it. I love it. I hate it.
1. New York City: This was the year of New York City, for me. It was my first year here and easily a turning point for my life. Career change, social melee, family separation (distance), culinary delights (ahhh...), rent flabergastment, fashion forays, physicality, oh and did I mention the street vendor food? This city has affected me in more ways than I can count and in fewer ways than I originally thought. I'm finally feeling more 'settled' so 2007 is going to be one helluva discovery year. Of course, I'll share as much of it as I 'can' here on the ol' midweekpost.

Hope the new years is a great one for you all and your resolutions are fulfilled.

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Merry Christmas Everyone

Sunday, December 24, 2006 by eric yang

For those of you that didn't receive my Christmas card (it should've sent out yesterday) I thought I'd put it up on midweekpost. I got several error messages from addresses that I might have wrong so apologies for that.

Anyway, Merry Christmas to all of you and if Christmas isn't your thing then Happy Holidays. Either way - make sure and stuff yourself with the very best in deliciousness and other treats, be merry and all that jazz.

Oh, and if you have time, you should make yourself my recipe: Casserole de' 2007. The recipe is on the card:

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New York Bans Trans Fat: We're Gonna Get Skinnier

Tuesday, December 05, 2006 by eric yang

So, today New York government passed legislation that will ban trans fat. Evidently Americans consume approximately 4.7 pounds of trans fat during the course of a year. I think that's about 20 Cinnabons. This ban will affect 24,000 restaurants in the state of New York alone. Well despite the debate I think this is a commendable step by the state government. Let's just hope the federal government doesn't follow suit because that wouldn't exactly jive with civil liberties. Oh, and the South.*

* - I'm allowed to say that since I'm from the South, oh and since I love Cinnabons. I mean seriously... look at that thing. It's like an edible teddy bear.

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Apologies, Yahoo Ate My Site

by eric yang

I must apologize for the fortnight absence of posts.

Midweekpost went completely down the night before Thanksgiving as I went to publish one of my favorite posts and it has taken nearly two weeks to get it back up and running. No thanks to Yahoo's slow support, ugh.

So, now I'm back up and posting. Let's start with the post below, a personal fave...


The Midweekpost Interview... It's Happening

Wednesday, November 22, 2006 by eric yang

So, it's been decided. I've got a choice for the Midweekpost interview and the interviewee has accepted the offer. Now comes the joy of coordinating our schedules and getting down and dirty. Well not so much down and dirty as talky and chatty.

This much I can tell you: the person I'm interviewing has 3.5 times as many MySpace friend as I do. :)


Katie and Keith, One Beautiful Marriage

Sunday, November 19, 2006 by eric yang

Originally uploaded by midweekpost.
As mentioned in the previous post, Katie and Keith were married on November 17th. It was and will be one of the most memorable weddings I have ever had the honor of performing at, and I say that with considerable background, this being my 26th wedding if my count is correct.

That said, I'll spare you my words and let the photos speak for themselves. There's no way I could take all the photos I wanted but hopefully these few will give you a small glimpse into a wedding that will be remembered as one with an outpouring of love and laughter.

Oh, and if anyone ever complains about not having enough time to plan a wedding make sure they're shared with the story of Katie and Keith who were engaged and married in a bona fide wedding in no less than 6 days. 6 days folks...

Link to Entire Photoset

Link to Slideshow

p.s. I'll be catching up on posts this week, sorry for the lack of them last week. Let's just say it's been a tumultuous month, at best.

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Katie, There Is Love. A Lot of Love.

Wednesday, November 15, 2006 by eric yang

Big Momma's Karaoke
Originally uploaded by midweekpost.
As I type this I ask you to bear with me as I'm writing with a lack of coherence and comprehension...

As some or many of you may know, my dear friend Katie Ferraris was diagnosed with Acute Lymphocytic Lukemia on July 5th of this year. Bravely, Katie has been fighting the battle of treating the Lukemia thru chemotherapy, and more recently, bone marrow transplants. Her poignant account of the battle thus far can be found on Katie's Caring Bridge page. I suggest you visit and make your caring thoughts known thru the guestbook.

On Saturday I came to learn that Katie's battle with Lukemia had taken a turn in a direction none of her adoring family or friends wanted to hear. It was a moment which, as the words were spoken to me by Melissa Hsieh, I could not help but close my eyes and hope that when I opened them again it would not be so. Surely my dear-dear, life loving, 80's trivia expert, Game Show Network, praybons, tailgating, Wake Forest legal ace, sorority event t-shirt providing, light-blue painted bedroom on Taliluna Way, and head-to-toe beautiful friend could possibly be succumbing to anything, let alone her fight with cancer.

Time is not on our side. I won't discuss the options she has been presented but both are absolutely heartbreaking. I am still baffled by the news and the more I think about it the more I become unreeled.

Katie is surrounded by those who love her. Her stalwart mother and father Ginny and Garry, her curageous brother and his wife: Tim (my lifelong best friend) and Katie, her grandmother Flo, our brave mutual friend Melissa Hsieh, countless others I hope to meet in person, and Keith. Keith is Katie's boyfriend, now fiance, whom I want to let know is a true champion in my book. A person deserving of a Purple Heart if there ever was one. And yes, I did say fiance. Keith proposed to Katie this past weekend and the two are to wed at 2pm this coming Friday, the seventeenth of November at the Cannon Chapel at Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia. I don't yet know any details other than this but I do know that it will be a splendid moments for Katie, Keith and the families. One that will be full of pulchritude, splendor and utmost affection. There may or may not be flowers, there may or may not be ceremony but I know that there will be something much more visceral. Something much more powerful. Something much more beautiful...


This photo was from a night about three or four years ago at Big Momma's Karaoke in Knoxville. It was a fantastic night full of friends and laughter at the inability for anyone to sing on key.


The Midweekpost, er... Post-It

Thursday, November 09, 2006 by eric yang

Well, back from the dusty old archives of Midweekpost I've decided to bring back the infamous guestbook. But this time it's back with thrice the thrill (well, as much fun as saying "thrice the thrill" can be). (Re)Introducing... MidweekPost-it.

Leave a Post-it
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Everyone, meet everyone else. Everyone else, meet everyone. Now, start talking.

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