Greenland & Missing Pages

Friday, February 02, 2007 by Aziz

Hey everybody. I have a shout-out...or two, rather. I know it's early, being one my first posts, but bear with me here. I think you'll enjoy both of these bands. They are both unique, and you can catch them in different parts of the country if you're interested. As a well-documented wannabe (that's me), I'm confident that these guys are going to make it on their own terms (based off hard work and burgeoning popularity), respectively, which combined with their talent is reason enough to listen. This is me shouting, listen up:

Greenland recently won the 2006 YouTube Underground Contest for "Best Song" -it's a big deal, check it out (not to mention it was a top 10 video). They were on Good Morning America with Diane Sawyer and everything (she's Kentuckian, trust her). Since their lead singer Evan is a friend and former classmate of Eric and yours truly, it's fair to say that Midweekpost will be keeping a close eye on them. If you're ever in Nashville or hear that they're in a city near you, go check 'em out and let them know about it. They rock.

Missing Pages is out Pittsburgh, PA. I'm pitching these guys because they are on the brink of a record deal (literally, they're good), are looking to hire (which is hard to believe), and the drummer is my close friend's cousin (they're nice people). This is a timely post, because they're in a contest of their own to win a global record deal with Epic Records (among other cool stuff), and could use your vote (check it out). The last time I checked they were in the top 40, but despite being in the running I don't think it will be long before they get a deal off merits alone. That said, oddly enough (and I don't know what the full story here is), they need a bassist and keyboardist, so if you've got the skills get a hold of them! They regularly play in Pittsburgh, and have already played gigs with Bret Michaels of Poison and Def Leppard (hold the 9 arms jokes). I often like to use the old, often-forgotten PBS ad, "Books. Check 'em out!" for nothing more than its raw, yet purely genious, and inspiring phraseology. Well (forgive me Missing Pages), do just that -they're worth it.

After you take a listen and get to know these guys, it's obvious that neither of these bands need my help. I'm just spreading the gospel because these bands are "doing it the right way" and deserve all the attention they're getting. Enjoy (you can thank me later when you start telling your buddies, "Yeah, I knew them back in the day...").

PS - Got some others we should know about? Leave a link or something in the comment box below.

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I Want To Interview You, And You Want A New CD. Let's Dance.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006 by eric yang

So, I'm looking to do a Midweekpost interview. With whom I wish to do this I do not know, so I'm going to go out on a limb here and just see if anyone's interested. I promise it won't be the normal questions you'd expect from an interview. That said, here's a limerick to introduce you to what I'm looking for:

There once was a site named midweekpost
An interview it wanted, but alas, only one host
So it made a contest to decide
Who it would grill, ask, and perhaps - chide
Nominate. Decide. And then you can boast*

What you get:
1. $20 iTunes gift card or a CD from Best Buy, your choice.
2. A Midweekpost interview (value not yet determined)
3. Something half-way decent to put on your myspace
4. Internet fame and fortune** that you can send to all your friends over e-mail.
5. It will get your name way high up on Google, and that's always fun because you know you Google people.

How to enter:
E-mail me at ericearlyang@hotmail.com and tell me your favorite food. Yes, I'll use that to decide.

Only three rules:
1. The interview is over AOL or MSN IM, so you gotta have IM.
2. If you're selected, you have to provide me a picture, of you.
3. You have to show & tell at least 8 people about your interview - they each have to leave a comment to prove they read it. No hiding on this blog.

* - about being on the... midweekpost
** - fortune not guaranteed

Update (3am Nov. 8th): I've already received quite a few e-mails. Keep 'em coming. Again, what's one e-mail for 15 minutes of internet fame? ;) You all certainly do like some pretty interesting foods.

Update (7pm Nov. 9th): Well now, I've got food ranging from fresh figs to fried fishsticks. Despite my drool I'm excited to see the entries coming. Tell one tell all (you can click that little e-mail icon below this post, or any other, to send it to a friend). I should have an official interviewee by next week.

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